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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 2, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, up and down the east coast all watching joaquin. now, whether or not that hurricane actually makes landfall here in the u.s., the east coast, certainly seeing plenty of rain this week.
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i believe it is a one, two punch down the shore. folks dealing with flooding concerns, rain, wind, even before we talk about joaquin, people are concerned today with flooding. >> yes, already, we have some pretty nasty flooding at the coast last night, that's the concern, right? if you have got this front that stalled out, and then you get a hurricane on top of that delivering more rain bad news. some relief this morning walking in. right now still very fears storm. see the hurricane warnings, that are up in the bahamas, and this thing is just sitting there and it is delivering i am credible wind and rain. makes it much better picture for us, you can see that track, and it is now staying off shore. so, that is huge news for the northeast. category four right now, again there is storm is no joke this morning. 130 miles per hour. that's 160-mile per hour sustained gusts, pressure at 935 millie bars. that's serious storm. it is expected to weak edge, as it starts to make it way up
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the coals, as you can see, staying off shore. tuesday morning, it passes us by, thankfully, we won't all be worried about it, but we do have some other concerns. take a look first, this is our live neighborhood network. rehoboth, and you can see, the board walk plaza here, the boards walk where you have some rain on the boardwalk, look at the end, 33 miles per hour, temperature 06 degrees. so this sin dependent of joaquin. what this is, stalled out front. and it is delivering rain, and it just keeps coming. and we will see it tomorrow today, turn to heavier showers, so that's big concern for those every how have already dealt with flooding. also the wind, you know, you get win, rain, you can certainly see it driving all of that water up into the shore, then that makes for some even bigger concerns. so right now, 23-mile per hour winds in philadelphia, about 18 miles per hour in atlantic city. we have coastal flood warning, right through the weekend, not just for the shore. as you can see it, carries all the way inland, all the way point south, as well, moderate flooding expected. so be on alert today everybody. 54 degrees right now in
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philadelphia, it is very chilly out there. forty-six mount pocono, and about 57 in atlantic city. as we zoom in here, just ooh degrees, in quakertown, and doylestown, you are waking up to a very chilly morning, and as we show you hour by hour, this day won't get much warmer. 56 degrees, for our high. and those showers again we get to the afternoon they could be little nasty. let me track this forward for you. show you this is 1:00 p.m. starting to see some of the yellows and/or ankles pop up. that will means heavier showers, you see them rolling through right through the afternoon into the evening. so, that's where my biggest concern is for flooding. we get to the afternoon today. by saturday afternoon, in the, we are catching little break here. models show we lighten up on the showers, as we get into our saturday few more, heavy rain coming our way, nasty win, and just chilly temperatures with a high of just 56 degrees, the low tonight, 58, kind of interesting when you see the low higher than the high, but that's the case today. watch out for the win, though it, will still be sticking with us, the question comes when do we get rid of this?
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>> pros i conditions, few showers, by monday starting to see some clearing, low 70s, then look at the beautiful sunshine on tuesday, get into wednesday, there, talking high of 74 degrees, so much better picture. i want to head over to my good friend meisha who is hanging out with some monster trucks this morning. you know, meisha, a what's going on over there? >> yes. kyla, there is no where else i would rather be. i hate to say. >> this but i certainly would not want to be in rush hour traffic this morning. i want to be right here, in the pits, on the dirt, for monster jam, which opens tonight. we're at wells fargo center. and i have to tell you, this is pretty awesome right behind me, yes, these trucks, they get to up 10,000 pounds at minimum. we will talk horse power. who are power in a little bit. but first the roadways. okay, super serious you take note of this. it is very wet, very dark out, there very slippery. we have a look at 95 southbound, near the airport, flight are delayed up to an hour at this point. this will of course be affecting me, as women. i'm right there with you,
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taking a flight later today. just be advised that they are being delayed, right now, because of some rain, weather element, also the vine st. expressway westbound at 24th, looking very, very wet. if you lock at the camera, lock at the street, you can see the droplet on the lenses, you can see the slick roadways. this is going to cause some considerable slow downs today. i can tell you that much. even though, friday's tend to be one of the lighter travel days, i can tell you, though, in the morning it doesn't mother, also, lincoln drive at gypsy is now clear. we have downed polls there, that's been cleared. because that's the good news. soy so now i gave that you good news, here is more good news behind me what we are coming back to, the monster jam kicks offer tonight at wells fargo center, 10,000 pounds at minimum, 1500 to 2,000 horse power, i have to tell you i am he ' seeks it dollars right back with more, erika, over to you. >> all right, meisha, a we're pumped, too, thank you so many. just because hurricane joaquin
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track is shifting, we talk about this all morning long it does not mean the east coast is in the clear. kyla hads been talking about this all morning. mornings management officials still bracing for the potential flooding it could bring. here's the latest no from reporter andrew spencer. >> nothing has show immense power every hurricane joaquin like what it has done in the bahamas. hurricane four hurricane, they expect it to drop ten to 20 inches every rain you there friday. long trip from the long island of the bahamas to the long island of new york. but crews there already getting ready digging up mounds of sands to build dunes, hopefully being keeping the potential storm surge from flooding the area. all along the coast cities preparing for worse case scenarios, at marinas in baltimore, folks getting their both up out of the water. >> our biggest worry here in this location is the ride to the -- rise to the water. bet better be high and dry. >> other take down what they
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can, and strap down everything else. officials in south carolina keep their eyes on the storm track, getting prepared, and urging resident to do the same. >> we're all over the city. and ready to respond whenever the rainfalls, where it falls. >> food, water, milk, bread, ice, the essentials that can help you sustain as comfortably as you can be for couple every day perked if necessary. >> in north carolina, officials have gone sofas to kick tourists off of the island. commissioners issued mandatory evacuation order forcing visitors to leave. the 900 people who live there will be allowed to stay, but officials are asking them to prepare themselves, and their homes, just in case hurricane joaquin heads their way. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> want to give you live look right now at sea isle city where governor chris christie will stop by later on this morning to talk about storm preps. he declared a state of emergency yesterday, and is urging resident to prepare for the storm as well by stocking
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up on food, and other essential items to help ride out the storm in case it does come our way. >> and, with the threat of flooding this weekend, hurricane joaquin, just, you know, off the coast there, make sure that cbs-3 philly weather app is on your smart phone. check the radar, get the latest information around the clock. download it on itunes and google play. >> all right, right now, 5:38. in business news this morning, another really big business gets hacked. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchanges, she has that and more for us, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika, hackers strike again. this time, they stole social security numbers, home addresses and birthdate from about 15 million t-mobile customers, so the hackers got in experian, company that uses t-mobile to check the credit every consumer, excuse me, company t-mobile use toss check the credit of consumers applying for phone plans. and they say this happened between september of 2013 and 2015. the market are in a holding
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pattern ahead of today's big jobs report. analysts expect that the unemployment rate will hold steady at about 5.1%. job growth is going to be a key factor when the fed decide that the economy is strong enough to raise interest rates this year. possibly even later this month. yesterday the dow dropped about 12-point, the nasdaq gained seven. futures are pointing to higher open. >> amazon is pulling the plug on sale of competing streaming devices, the on line retailer no longer going to sell apple tv or google chrome castment also, amazon can boost membership of it prime and send video service, prime is not compatible with apple tv or chrome cast. amazon will continue to sell other streaming devices, as long as they support crime. you can't both them, ban them. erika? >> there you go, all right, jill, thanks so much. >> right now, we have some new information, this is just in, this morning, we're learning more from the vatican about the pope's meet being with controversial county clerk kim davis. officials at the vatican say the meeting was quote not
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considered a form of support for her position. davis' attorney says that two met briefly at the vatican embasy washington and that the pope told dave toys quote stay strong. the kentucky clerk spent several days in jail last month for refuse to go issue marriage license toss same sex couple. the vatican says pope francis met with many people during his us stay, due to his quote kindness and availability. >> thousands are lacing up their sneakers at this hour to begin an inspirational journey. they are going to walk 60 miles this weekend to raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now, out in willow grove where the susan g. komen three day for the cure kicks up. we know it is a chilly start, we see your coat. >> it is a little chilly, little rainy, leg windy. you know what? it really can't compare to the festivities that are ahead this weekend as you said the three day, they come to honor, they come to remember, they come to walk. 60 miles, three days over a thousand participant, and 300
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volunteers. so this is really a widespread event. it start here in willow grove. festivities actually kick off right behind me at 7:00 this morning. and then it goes straight through sunday, where it ends up in the navy yard. so they are making their way, through the city of philadelphia, lot of cheering sections along the way. but as i mentioned, it is all about the women and the men stepping up and making huge difference in the fight to end breast cancer. i'm joined by quite a few folks doing their part here this morning. i just love this crew. i love the tutu's, i can't wait to show you the komen manny's? just a s first, melanie here, who is actually walking in honor after friend who has diagnosissed when cancer, and i think that's such a beautiful thing. because you yourself weren't directly affected, but you have been one of the top ten fun raiser. >> yes, came from the washington dc area. it was something i felt i needed to do in honor. nita. it is a cause that touches everyone.
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there is no one who hasn't been touched in one way or another. and it really is my dream that one day they will not only finds a cure, but a prevention. because it is such a devastating disease, that touches so many. >> melanie, you raised $9,000, girlfriend, way to go, that's so awesome. what are you ladies thinking that far? pretty cool, good stuff. karen came here, i know were you diagnosed with pre breast cancer. and you have been deeply affected as it runs through your family. you're here with your crew. what's it mean to see folks like melanie stepping up? >> incredible. it has to be done. you know, and i don't know what to say. it is incredible. she has done great job. >> looks like you want to give her a hug. >> yes. >> ahead. that's what it is all becomes about the stories, about the moment. i know you will have so many. we're excited to get things kick off. i mention those manis, okay? talking breast cancer, talking pink, all things fabulous, laid ills, let's see them. toast are some of the best manicures you've seen. take a look at these nails.
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this is what we call our cbs-3 manny cam. to be followed by the cbs-3 selfie cam. one thing we want to mention is that toyota is teaming one cbs-3 as part of the light for the cure campaign. when you use the hashtag pink toyota, they will donate a dollar to breast cancer awareness, so we want to go ahead and get your selfie on ladies, help me out here. all right hearings we go, i think we got t hashtag pink toyota. let's hear it, ladies. small group. they are the early risers, but definitely excited to get this started. three days, 06 miles, and just a lot of memories to be made. we send it back to you. >> how did i know you would bring your selfie stick? can't wait to see the photo. >> thanks so much. >> always prepared. >> hashtag prepared.
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thank you. we'll be right back. my guys are with me, every step of the way. cause i'm with cigna healthspring medicare advantage. that's them. they check out my prescriptions to make sure there aren't any problems. they help keep me going strong. thanks! they make medicare work for me, just like they have for millions of others. because with cigna healthspring medicare advantage, i've got a team that's got my back. that's how we roll. cigna healthspring. together, all the way.
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>> good morning, we will get to meisha in just a second, we start with our weather watch ers, seeing some people actually had a few overnight rain totals to talk b so good morning, everybody. hope you're having a good morning, i know it is a little chilly out there, current temperatures show all in the low 50's, but let's take a look at this, some of you already seeing rain totals this morning, want to start
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with this one here becomes half inch of rain, where lynn is, she is in cherry hill. and you can see, she has little rain coming down now. she says cold, wet, her least favorite weather. i know, maybe too windy for the umbrella you're right, today will be just absolutely blustery out there. and it is going to mick it a little bit tough. lynn, let's look at this one. three quarters of an inch of rain. this is where eileen s she in bill bert ville, again, has the rain coming down right now, just ooh degrees, a raw morning to start, she says, an interesting weekend, ahead. no doubt about it, it is going to be an interesting weekend. and it start with the fact that we will be very chilly. looking at the temperatures right now, 54 degrees in philadelphia, just 45 in mount pocono. 57 degrees in wildwood, not only the rain to contend with, cool temperatures, but also the wind already at 23 miles per hour, in philadelphia, and look at this dover about 22-mile per hour wind right now. it look a nasty day, certainly for coals al flooding, see under the coastal flood warning for the entire area, right through the weekend so, we could see moderate flooding
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i know many of you saw a bunch already yesterday. taking a live look at storm scan3, you can see, the light showers are falling, but expecting the heavier rain, to continue, as we get throughout our day today. the good news is hurricane joaquin not going to be a problem for us. soap, let's talk about the rain, first, you can see the heavier chairs coming through friday afternoon, again we get into the evening, we stay with the heavy showers, catching little break, as we get into our saturday morning. so, hurricane joaquin, still category four this morning, you can see it with 130-mile per hour sustained winds, good dollars news is it is going to stay off shore, and that will help us with our weather. so today, very cold, windy, rainy day out, there high of just 56 degrees. we get into this evening, the overnight low, little higher than the high today. 58 degrees. and quick look at your seven day forecast shows we will stay rainy, windy through the weekend, start to see little sunshine as we head into our monday. so erika, it is a little bit after rough ride today. things are getting better next week. >> fantastic. kyla sore bye earlier. i know your kyla, meisha, monster jam. >> you can call me meisha any
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day you want. >> fabulous. so excited. we want the latest on the road. with kind of different car. we want to check in with you now, good morning, meisha. >> reporter: yes, good morning, giles, i can't even tell you how exciting it is to be here at wells fargo sent, let me tell you monster jail kicks off tonight, and we will talk about that in a little bit. we have the monster jail host standing right over, there but first i want to update you on the roadways. very serious condition sometimes when we have rain and high wind like this, what you are looking at right now, a look at the schuylkill eastbound past 202 in the king of prussia area. now, this is an area where the roads are looking little bit more dry than say some of the other ones that we've seen. make note, most driving around especially during rush hour traffic will be wet, so certainly want to give yourself couple of extra minutes, also, the walt whitman bridge, you're down to 35 miles per hour there. due to some high winds, so, for those of in you and around the area, just make note that far. you certainly again want to give yourself couple of extra minute even though friday's
5:50 am
tend to be lighter, travel, traffic day, whatever you will, a lot of people going out every town for the weekend, i'll also let you know we have some delays, at the airport. the airport you are experiencing delays, of up to one hour, i myself will also be affected by this, just make note of that. when we go to our wide, seeing actually the censor zones looking pretty good. they're still remaining nice and high and steady. we will see those dip, more vehicles that hit the roadways. overall i guess the note is just be very careful. drive safe out there. it is still dark outside. still cold. but without further a do, i have to call now my friend, ryan lacot the host for monday injury jam. ryan this begs the question, now, when i look around, like a kid in a candy storm, i'm so seeks it for a lot every people don't know, aisles today work with super cross, atv, dirt bike racing so when i come in here i'm in my element. i know you certainly r so talk a little bit about first how you got no this crazy scene.
5:51 am
>> it started in a sands bok playing with monster jam toys, dreaming of piloting one of the 10,000-pound emergency. and i had a friend who was working with monster jam, and she got the interview, here i am today. >> isn't that crazy? one of the those things, too, is it not, in any form of racing, or the gut of the gasoline and the engines and the horse power, once you're in, it is culture, it is family, that's why you see it whether it be two wheels, four wheels, all the way into nascar, once you're in it, you're in it? >> something about horse power, especially this group of family with monster jam that you hear that engine roaring and you're just hook, hooked, you can't stop. >> we got to get into. >> this talk a little bit about the dirt that comes in to this place. because i mean i heard 7,500 tons of dirtment talk a little bit this. >> they bring in the truckloads of dirt, you can see all over, they built this hybrid track here in the
5:52 am
middle for all of the action tonight. we have four competitions, i mean, we paint this thing up and by the end of the night after this first show tonight all tore up. >> one more time on sunday. >> when we see thing tore up, that means it is good news. let me tell you, we have more from what he just said ryan, stick with me all morning long, i have more for you. wove to talk about those trucks and 10,000 pounds of machinery, back to you. >> a loft truck, we'll be right back at the top of hour. good morning.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> new fact about red wine. report out of the university of washington tested six a wines from four states, california, washington, new york, and oregon. the study found high levels of arsonic in nearly all of the red wines. statistics showed washington state wines had the highest average arsonic concentrations, oregon wines, had the lowest. >> and, do you like that vitamin water, if so, listen up.
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change coming to the label. as part of lawsuit settlement, coca-cola will tweak the label of the popular sport drink. the suit filed by a health advocacy group claimed vitamin water was making misleading health claims. so, the company will now add the words with sweeteners in two places on a label. the keystone state boy choir delivered its first performance since one of the members wowed pope francis. >> ♪ >> the choir entertained the community last night at abington presbyterian church. bobby hill, who we all recall saying solo for the pope, just beautiful voice. i couldn't make it because he was returning from new york, the choir was joined by the boys from norway for this very special evening of music. we'll be right back.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coastal concerns in new jersey as we wake up, the shore will see heavy rain, beach errosion as the storm moves from the area today. we're live with a look at the conditions, right now. >> also, of course, we are watching joaquin. it is a category four hurricane. but it is looking like it is going to stay off shore, kyla, i know, is tracking it, will have update in just one second. good morning, it is friday, we made it to friday,
6:00 am
october 2nd, i'm erika von tiehl. >> and i'm nicole brewer. good morning, erika. we are out here live, in willow grove, pennsylvania, to kick off the three day walk, as part of susan g. komen philadelphia. they're honoring, they're remembering, and they're walking, three days, 60 miles, a thousand participant more than 300 volunteers, it is about to get started in about an hour, and we will be checking in with you live with more on the stories, and updates, throughout the morning. erika, we send it back to you in the studio. >> nicole, special day, thank you so many. there is so much to cover this morning, learning about a possible motive in the deadly community college shooting out in oregon. we will check in out west. first though we of course want to know about our forecast and hurricane joaquin and the wet roads. let's check in with kyla and meisha. it is busy. >> reporter: good morning, so hard on day like today. because on the one end, you have got this kind of extreme weather, all of these weather element, not good for morning commuters, on the other end


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